Hi, I'm Shanavi, going with my nick name here, a devoted stay at home mom to my 4 yr old. I hail from one of the historic towns of Tamil Nadu which happens to be Thanjavur from Chola dynasty. As you all know Thanjavur district is famous for many, some of them are dance, music and most importantly food hence obviously I's more spoiled by my grandma n mom feeding me with yummy foods all the while until I got married to VJ. I've never learned cooking, but all I did was eyeballing when my grand ma used to cook during my early schooling days. My grand ma is such a wonderful cook, u would not believe me if I say she had cooked for an marriage all on her own. So my base towards cooking were provided by my grandma who used to explain the facts behind every cooking process and all the way she was nurturing me with all that she had known. U may see typical south Indian dishes with only few western dishes here and there. I can't live without having rice, Yes, am a true South-Indian by heart. I also love my fellow bloggers work if in case I love what I see in their blog, I try that immediately, u know, instantly. People who know me well might be acknowledging this fact when they read this, yes, the moment I think of any yummy food, the next minute I'll be in my kitchen preparing it. I'm such a big foodie. SO, my foodie friends, watch out this space for more recipes.


Sireesha Puppala said...

ur pics r rocking :) n ur blog too..keep going gal n am ur new follower

Amrita Roy said...

I am your new follower please do visit my space too...accessiblediary.blogspot.in/

Happys Cook said...

Hi Shobana,

Nice to know u through IFC... Ur blog and clicks looks excellent.. Keep up the good work..

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