Bread Omelette Toast

 Bread Omelette :

Today's post is going to be a very simple one but a very filling breakfast for everyone esp kids. I know almost everyone should be making this for breakfast still I wanted to make sure my space has at least some of the breakfast recipes so that the beginners may aware of it. Have a great week end peeps..

  1. Bread - 2 slices
  2. Egg - 1 or 2 nos, acc to ur preference ( 1 is enough for a serving)
  3. Pepper powder - as needed
  4. Salt - to taste
  5. Onion - 1 tbsp, finely chopped
  6. Oil - 1/2 tsp

  • Make sure you have everything set near ur stove top.
  • Break the egg in a bowl and whisk well. Add the chopped onion, a pinch of pepper powder and a pinch of salt. Whisk together again until it combines well.
  • Heat 1/2 of oil in a dosa pan or any wide pan for 10 sec and pour the egg mixture in the middle.
  • Slightly tilt the pan to spread the egg and immediately take one bread and place it on top of the egg mixture on the left side. Again take one more slice and place on the top on the right side.
  • Cook for 10 sec and flip the omelette along with the bread. Now, the bread slices should be facing the heat and the omelette will be facing up. Cook for few more sec so that the bread gets nicely toasted and flip again. Fold the bread slices on top of one another and serve hot.

  • U may add some veggies along with the onion to make ur breakfast more healthy.
  • U may also add red chilli powder and turmeric powder if u the Indian way.



  1. Hearty and delicious breakfast.. Looks wonderful.. Beautiful clicks..

  2. I think there is no one on this earth who don't like his awesome combo... Love it...

  3. Looks yumm...nice breakfast...

  4. Very healthy and delicious breakfast dear.

  5. LOoks delicious, nice pics

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  6. it's cool ,it saves me time from toasting the bread and omelet separately ,will try soon.

  7. Excellent breakfast, bread omelette toast makes a super filling breakfast definitely.

  8. That is yummy toast, great way to start a day.




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