Mango Milkshake with Pineapple

 In addition to the already posted milkshake with the same fruit, here comes yet another non boring milkshake one would really enjoy drinking and wanting more n more. Truly, all bcos of the tropical fruits ,thanks to the summer season,atleast something good comes out of it..I must say.. Well, u may try different varieties with milkshake using milk n ice cream.. To mention, I must really thank my friends Savi and Saras for encouraging me to post again. Thanks gals.. I don find time nowadays, chores..chores..this is eating up all my time :( these days..

Serves 3 to 4
Mango -- 1 no. , bigger one
Boiled n cold milk -- 2 cups 
Sugar --- 1 tsp
else, honey -- 1 tsp (depends on ur sweet tooth)
Cardamom powder -- a pinch
Pineapple -- 1/4 cup,chopped
Ice cubes -- to serve
Method :
  • Clean the mango and peel the skin using a peeler (If so ripened, use knife) and slice it's cheeks.
  • Cut them into cubes and put them all in the mixie/blender jar. Add little bit of milk,just enough to run the mixie or to grind it, pulse them . Now add the cardamom powder ,pineapple cubes, honey/sugar and give it a whip till they comes together as a paste.
  • Transfer the contents to a chilled bowl and add the remaining cold milk,mix it thoroughly. U may also add additional milk/water to make it lighter.( I made it thicker since we just are only two people)
  • Serve with ice cubes if making lighter else drink as such
Notes/Suggestions :
  • Here I've added tropical fruits and added fe tsp of sugar since both the fruits were sweet. Add acc to ur preference.
  • U may also add tender coconut to this milkshake and grind. Tastes tropical flavours..YUM


  1. I just met your blog, and i'm in love :)

  2. Thanks Ana Cooks ,sure that means a lot

  3. Wow wat a super interesting and wonderful shake, simply loving the addition of pineapple here.

  4. This one is sinful.. 2 delicious fruit together.. delicious

  5. This one is sinful.. 2 delicious fruit together.. delicious

  6. wWlcome Sho..Thanks for this kalagal post..Totally Yum & colorful..

  7. Milkshake looks sooo refreshing!!

  8. Love ur milkshake.Cute to have it right away.Love the spirit to post on ur blog again.

  9. Mango milkshake looks delicious.

  10. Loved the addition of pineapple to the shake...Lovely clicks..

  11. thats a yummy shake. just found you from another blog and I am loving it. following you.

  12. Mouthwatering here, what a terrific and super tempting....




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