Nei Kozhi /Ghee Chicken

Hi again and am so sorry to break my promise. I cannot resist myself from posting this recipe as this is very tasty and yet simple to make. I've learned this dish from a tv show called aaha enna rusi where Chef Jacob did a show how to make this. From the beginning itself I's so impressed with the recipe,but not with the amount of ghee he added, but still the final o/p convinced me making this immediately the same day. But, I reduced the quantity of ghee and the dish was YUM. 

Ingredients :
For Masala: 
Pepper + cumin seeds -- each 1 tsp
Dry red chilly -- 12 nos.
Shallots -- 50 gms
GG paste -- 1 tsp
Curry leaves -- 1 sprig
Ghee -- 1/2 tbsp

**  Heat the ghee and fry the pepper + Cumin .Beware it will crackle and it might harm u, so be ready to move aside.

* Then add the dry red chillies, ginger garlic paste,curry leaves,shallots one by one and saute everything  until translucent for 2 to 3 minute in pure ghee and grind to a semi ground paste.

For Nei kozhi :
Chicken -- 1/4 kg
Turmeric powder --1/2 tsp
Ghee -- 1 tbsp

Oil -- 1 tbsp (optional)
Grounded masala-- as reqd
Salt -- to taste

** Heat the pan with ghee and add the chicken,urmeric powder + salt and cook in a low flame.
* Add the ground masala ,  add lil water (may be 1/4 cup) cover and cook over a medium flame until it turns dry ..very dry. (like in the pics)

* Serve with ghee rice,pulao,biryani..or simply with sambar rice. 
* This dish was never really over powering cos of the pepper +chillies+shallots. The end result was subtle.
* U may omit the ghee for frying the masala and add instead while frying the chicken.
U may also totally omit the ghee if u think it's bad for health ..go for oil.

Happy eating guys,


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