Cabbage Dhal

There's always something wrong after coming here , it's either no access to the internet or loss of  information. This time, totally different, my laptop (again!) fails to get started and there goes all my work. Yeah, all my pics, bunches of  finished album got trapped inside the hard disk of my laptop. And ,  no way, in this weather am gonna retrieve it soon , at least not for 2 weeks.So, am just simply clicking all new dishes , if I make any. Last week, I've tried many dishes but I din't take pics as I'm also experiencing a lit bit of starting trouble, sssss it really happens if u stay out of touch from blogging. This is just a plain dhal tastes great with roti's and rice.. Check it out guys.

Ingredients :
  1. Cabbage -- shredded-- 1cup
  2. Thuvar Dhal -- 1/2 cup
  3. Tomato -- 1/2 no, cubed
  4. Green chilly -- 1 no. , slit -open (optional)
  5. Ginger -- 1/2 tsp , finely minced /crushed
  6. Garam masala powder -- 1/3 tsp
  7. Turmeric powder -- a big pinch
  8. Salt -- to taste
  9. Red chilli powder -- 1/4 tsp
  10. Hing -- < 1/4 tsp
  11. Coriander leaves -- 2 tsp, chopped
  12. To temper :
  13. Ghee /oil -- 1 tbsp
  14. Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tsp
  15. Curry leaves -- a sprig
  16. Pepper -- pounded , 2 pinches (optional)

Method :
  • Cook the thuvar dhal with cabbage, hing, green chilly, ginger and tomato till they fall part , might take 4 to 5 whistles.
  • Heat a kadai with ghee /oil and do the seasoning with mustard seeds, curry leaves, add the crushed pepper and fry for 30 secs till they finished popping. 
  • Remove the kadai from the heat /flame and add the turmeric powder, red chilli powder and mix them well in the hot oil /ghee. 
  • Pour in the cooked cabbage dhal mixture to the seasoning and combine well. Cook for a minute.
  • Finally add the garam masala powder and give them a rapid boil. Switch off n garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Serve with rice / roti's.

Happy eating guys,


  1. very unique combination of flavours....never tried ti

  2. Luvly click on cabbage dhal...Cant beat the comfort food.. :)

  3. My very comfort dhal which I prepare very often but with moong dal without ginger. Love your pictures. yummyy.

  4. I can understand your frustration dear... don't worry things will just into place in a few days time... All you need to do is hang in there and keep posting what ever delicious dishes you prepare..:))) We all love it..

  5. looks nice! I make something similar too, but add some ground coconut as well to it! This looks a lot simpler than my way :)

  6. is looking superb & delicious..:)..loved the preapartion ..:) Also nice pics dear..:)

  7. Slurp,finger-licking it.

  8. cabbage dhal looks delicious. Love to have with rice.

  9. Cabbage dal looks yummy...Thick and great combo for rice...

  10. Makes a perfect side dish. Lovely clicks Shanavi

  11. The dhal looks very comforting and yummy!

  12. Slurp,salivating here, a prefect comforting dal to enjoy simply with pickles or papads, Shobana cook more and take many clicks, ellame konja nalaiku than once u retrieve of all this nasty situation, everything will be already..take care dear..

  13. hiii... 1st time here! Floored by your pics! Love them! I'm hosting an event - Healthy Lunch Challenge that ends on november 30th. If possible, do go through the rules & link your post there. :) Thanks!

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment

  14. A creamy & such a mouthwatering dal..Excellent clicks!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  15. Comfort food,tempting and delicious dal

  16. Delightful shots! The dal looks yummy, homey n super delicious!

  17. looks fabulous with tempting clicks...

  18. comforting and hope your woes are all sorted !

  19. your recipe is tooo good shanavi...will surely try this..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  20. Yummy and delicious recipe,first time here, you have a wonderful space and following dear.

  21. wow...awesome clicks dear...looks delicious n tempting !

  22. Wow!! your pics are so lovely..2gud!

    Passing on my little secret


  23. Hi ,

    You have a award in my blog do collect it dear




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