Ellu Kozhukkatai /Modhakam -- Vinayagar Chaturthi Fav..

 Hope everyone must have enjoyed celebrating Vinayagar Chaturthi as I did. By the way, am moving back to India in a couple of days ,so as everyone knows ,am all tied up with work , work and nothing else.. Somehow I managed to do pooja for my dear God Lord Ganesh and njoyed having modhakam. I'll be gone for a while ,not for long, but will try to stay in touch ASAP..Will miss reading ur post for sure ..guys

Ingredients :

 For the outer cover : 
Raw rice -- 1 cup
Salt -- 1/4 tsp ( acc to taste)
Coconut oil -- 1/2 tsp

For filling /Poornam :
Sesame seeds -- 1/3 cup
Jaggery -- 1/4 cup ,powdered
Salt -- a pinch
Cardamom powder -- a pinch

Method :
For the outer cover :
  • Soak the raw rice for min 1 hour and add to the blender. Add water until the rice gets immersed (may be add  an extra half inch )and grind it finely. Transfer this to a kadai (non stick ) and add the coconut oil and the salt. Mix well . Heat the batter over medium low heat until it gets cooked altogether and comes a mass.
  • Remove the kadai from the heat and close it with a lid. Let t sit for 5 minutes. Knead the dough well and make sure it's evenly mixed well.

For the poornam :
  • Dry roast the sesame seeds over medium low heat and fry until they stop popping. Remov efrom the heat and bring down to room temperature.
  • Add the roasted sesame seeds, jaggery,cardamom powder, salt in a mixie jar /blender and give it a whip for 2,3 times. ( U may also make that to fine powder , if u wish )
  • Transfer the filling /poornam to bowl and make it ready.

Making of Modhakam :
  • Apply oil on both of ur hands (grease ur hands as needed ) and pinch a small amount of dough (small lemon sized) . Pat the dough in the center and start flattening around the corner until u get a thin bowl kinda shape. 
  • Fill the bowl with the poornam /filling and bring all the edges together towards the center and seal it perfectly without any opening, else, the poornam will come out when cooked.
  • Place it on a greased idli plate / cheese cloth covered and steam for excatly 12 minutes ,not more than that.
  • Switch off and remove the idli maker from the heat and open the lid . let them stand for 5 minutes and then slowly take the modhakam out and offer to Lord Ganesha when they come down to room temp.

 Notes/Suggestions :
  • For those who don't have a idli maker ,use a bigger kadai filled with an inch of water and place a small bowl in the center. Keep the plate filled with modhakam on top of the bowl and cover the kadai with lid. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Happy eating guys,


  1. I luv the warmness in ur pics...lovely looks divine

  2. perfectly done....nice presentation

  3. Wishes to u shanavi. Prasadams look so yumm.

  4. wow the first pic is so divine n the prasdams r so good..

  5. Beautiful pictures. Recipes are awesome.


  6. Looks super delicious,thats really wonderful to see ur beautiful post even in ur busy schedule..

  7. Looks divine,prasadams looks perfectly done..nice pictures dear

  8. Heavenly pictures.lovely spread.Kozhukattais looks lovely.

  9. Fabulous clicks!!! Esp the one where the light of the lamp casts a golden glow on the tasty kozhukattais..:) Hats off for your patience in posting amidst all the moving going on..Safe journey Shanavi..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. Perfect Offerings to the Lord Ganesha. Modakams are heavenly.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. very yummy kozhakttais - hope you had a great chaturthi dear

  12. wow...romba supera irukku...Love the vinayagar pic...


    we too miss you...Expecting you to return back soon to blogging...

  13. Makes me drool,feel like having some..

  14. nice prasadam to ganesha- he must have been thrilled with them I hope ! wishes n cheers

  15. Picture perfect ~ such neat work , I am impressed n the pics are so divine n beautiful!

  16. lovely pics.modaks are looking delicious
    u are taged in 7link challanged game. see at my blog

  17. looks delicious dear...
    I've tagged you in my post...check out..:)

    Tasty Appetite

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  19. Are you back in India - very envious!!! Hope the move was good dear and hope to see you back in action soon :) cheers, priya

  20. lovely neivedyam for the lord...looks delicious!




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