Uppu Seedai -- Gokulashtami Special

 Making seedai is a risky thing esp for beginners like me. But , to my surprise , they have come out perfect without giving any trouble..(Thanks to my mom for helping me out..) Yeah, she gave me all this handy tips over the phone and by the time, I've gained some confidence with her support and went ahead . This time, I used the store bought rice flour as my mixie had stopped functioning a long time back. I'm told , the risk is more when u use rice flour instead of making it the traditional way. 

Seriously, I don have time for all those and with a toddler @ home, it's highly impossible.. I's really very happy when I dropped my first batch, literally I've strapped my baby in the high chair to someplace safe and I ran almost to the doorstep and closed my ears. Hahaha.. but, tada... Nothing went wrong...it was frying all good. I's jumping on and off during the entire process...This gives me some confidence to try  the seedai using homemade rice flour.

Ingredients :
Rice flour -- 1 cup
Urad dal flour -- 2 tbsp
Butter -- 3 tbsp
Coconut -- 3 tbsp ,freshly grated
Salt -- 1 tsp ,or to taste
Sesame seeds -- 1 tbsp or to taste
Hing -- less than 1/4 tsp
Oil -- to deep fry
Water -- to knead the dough 

Method :
  • Dry roast the rice flour for 1 or two minutes, just enough until warm and transfer to a mixing bowl. Dry roast the urad dal until turns not so golden colour and grind in a mixie / coffee machine. Make sure to sieve the flour for any clumps. 
  • Add everything in a bowl except  oil and add water lil by lil and make the dough. The dough should be made so that u can make balls and at the same time u should be able to crumble to pieces .
  • Pinch small amount of dough and make not so perfect balls and lay it on the newspaper / tissue paper. Let them dry out for an hour .
  • Heat the oil over medium heat and deep fry the seedai in batches. On safer side, just one or two before drop in ur first batch and take few steps back and check if that bursts.  If bursts, u've two choices. One, u should air dry the seedai's some more time. Second, prick the seedai with a toothpick to ensure some outlet for pressure building inside seedai. ( thatz y, it is advised to make not so perfect balls without applying pressure while rolling )
  • Add the seedai in batches when the oil is hot and deep fry until it turns golden brown. Be sure to flip the balls often while frying. Remove the seedai from the oil and put it on a kitchen tissue to absorb the excess oil.First , the seedai may looks soft but gets hardened once cooled down to room temp.

Happy eating guys,


  1. Even i was afraid to try seedais but they came out well.. n urs looks so good..

  2. I agree, cheedai is tricky- you can go completely wrong in million ways- yours look sumptuous :)

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  12. How perfectly round you've rolled them! indulging in some virtual sheedai binging from your pics :) don't mind me!

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  15. seedais look amazing, cute and delicious ones..

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  20. Uppu seedais look perfect for munching.

  21. Looks so perfectly round & delicious.

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