Pesarattu And Coconut Chutney

Pesarattu is a breakfast food of the andhra region . It is mainly preapared using moong dhal and the rice is added to ensure crispiness . Traditionally , it is served with onion topping ( no toppings for me, since VJ has a stable cold..)and ther's this chutney " Ginger chutney " specially meant for pesarattu is served alongside. Here I had made  both ginger and coconut chutney and it was out of the world with pesarattu...  Hmm.. Tasty breakfast to start a day and with ginger ,makes our body whole day fresh and healthy..

Ingredients :

Moong dal -- 1 cup
Raw rice -- 1/4 cup
Ginger -- 1/2 in Piece
Green chillies -- 3 nos. (acc to taste)
Cumin seeds -- 1 tsp
Salt -- acc to taste
Oil -- to drizzle on the side of dosa

Garnish :

Chopped onions -- as needed

Method :

Soak the moong dhal and rice seperately for 3 to 4 hours and grind it with ginger, green chiillies and cumin seeds . ( If u don like grinding the cumin seeds , u may mix the cumin seeds with the batter.) Grind to a smooth texture and the batter consistency should be like Adai batter. Mix the salt and combine well. Rest this for 10 minutes. ( resting is purely optional ) . Heat a tava /dosa pan and apply few drops of oil. Pour a laddle of batter in the center and spread it around like u do for dosa. Keep the flame in medium. Drizzle some oil on the sides and wait for few minutes until the bottom which is exposed to heat turns golden. Now flip the pesarattu and cook for few seconds. Again flip it back and spread the chopped onions on the top of pesarattu. Now fold it from the ends and serve with Ginger chutney ..

Check out the Ginger chutney recipe here

But my VJ hates ginger chutney, hence made this coconut chutney ..

Coconut chutney :

Ingredients :

Shredded coconut -- 1 cup
Dahlia / Pottukadalai -- 1/4 cup ( + r -- acc to taste )
Ginger -- 1/4 in piece
Onion -- 1/4 in piece
Green chillies -- 4 to 5 nos. ( acc to taste)
Tamarind -- mini pebble sized
Salt -- to taste

To season :

Oil-- 1 tsp
Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -- 1 sprig
Urad dal -- 1/2 tsp

Method :

First grind the green chillies,ginger ,tamarind , salt and the onion to a coarse paste adding litttle water. Finally add the shredded coconut and grind to a fine paste ..( u may also grind to a semi coarse paste , it's totally ur family choice ) . Heat a pan with a tsp of oil and do the tempering with the mustard seeds. Once it finished popping , add the urad dal and fry until golden. finally add the curry leaves and transfer the seasoning to the chutney and combine well. U may also add little bit of water if u like a thin chutney, but I always like thick chutney ( katti chutney ..Yum).. Goes good with all tiffin varieties..

Happy eating guys !!!

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  1. yo, I am in for anything with ginger.. and pesarattu looks so yumm.. never had it before.. but its tempting anyways... and yes, you can have Omy for some days... I will be glad .. i can take a break :P

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