Kola Urundai Kuzhambu / Meat Balls Gravy

Kola Urundai Kulambu:

Ingredients :

Onion -- 1/2 no. , Julienned
Tomato -- 1 no. , Chopped
Drumstick -- 1/2 cup , Chopped
Brinjals -- 1/2 cup , Chopped
Tamarind Pulp --  2 tsp

Red chilli powder -- 3/4 tsp
Coriander powder -- 2 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder -- 1/4 tsp

Kulambu thool --  1 1/2 tbsp
Salt -- to taste

Kola urundai  --- 10 balls

Check the recipe for KOLA URUNDAI HERE

To grind :

Shredded Coconut -- 1/2 cup
Cinnamon -- 1/2 in piece

For Seasoning :

Oil -- 2 tbsp
Cinnamon -- 1 in piece
Cloves -- 2 nos.
Cardamom -- 1 no.
Curry leaves -- a sprig
Fennel seeds -- 1/4 tsp

Sesame oil -- 1 tsp

Method :

For Kola urundai :

Follow the recipe and grind it finely without adding much water .. Form a small lemon sized balls and arrange on the plate ..

U may also fry the meat balls and add in the kulambu.. But , I prefer, adding the meat balls , RAW in the kulambu..

For kulambu :

Grind the items given in the table to a fine paste . Take a wide pot and add the oil. Add in the fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom once the oil is hot and fry for 30 secs and until it's fried and u smell the aroma. Next add in the onions and scald well for a minute. Throw in the curry leaves and fry . Dump in the chopped tomato ,Brinjals and drumstick. Sacld well the veggies in the oil mixture for a minute or so. Then add the Tamarind pulp diluted with water ( add  the red chilli powder , coriander powder , turmeric powder or simply Kulambu thool and salt  in the tamarind water and mix well before adding into the kulambu ) Cover the lid and let the kulambu boil for 5 minutes. By the time, veggies will get cooked. Add the ground coconut paste and again give it a boil.  This is the final stage , And drop in the meat balls ( kola urundai ) one by one into the gravy ( do not crowd them .. Add few at a time ) and do not touch / stir  the gravy for another one  minute else the meat balls would be broken. Repeat the final step until u finish off with ur keema balls. Switch off ..
Finally add the sesame oil on top and let the gravy be in the stove heat until u ready to serve..

Garnish with few sprigs of coriander leaves and serve..

Happy eating guys ,


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