Jangri / Jangiri / Imarti

Jangri --- This is my fav sweet ever.. As this is my first trial , I hope i've made some justice . U may be wondering , " How come the colour of jangiri is golden yellow ? ! " Oh yeah, I deliberately made as golden yellow, as i'm opposed to adding food colour... Incase, if u wanna get the real colour of the jangiri, please add more food colour. So far from my attempt, i would say, it's not that difficult to try a hand on making this delicious sweet. U know what , I made this jangiri last nite..I started around 9 .30 p.m and finished @ 12.15 p.m having my baby around.. Now I know how to lay the design of jangiri on the oil and at what temperature..Once u know these small small things , u r good to go..To be frank, i'll make this sweet again in the near future..I followed vahchef's recipe and to tell u the fact, I like to have my jangiri on a thicker side.. I mean, with lots of flesh soaked in syrup..hmmm..YUM..  Make a bigger hole on ur ziploc if u feel the same..

Ingredients :

Urad dal -- 1 1/2 cups
Rice flour -- 1 tsp
Salt --a pinch
Orange food colour -- 2 drops (as needed ) ( I used very little as i don like adding food colour )

For syrup :

Sugar -- 1 1/2 cups
Salt -- a pinch
Orange food colour -- a pinch
Rose essence --  5 drops
Lime juice -- 1 tsp

Method :

Soak the urad dal for 2 to 3 hours and grind it in a blender /food processor /mixie /grinder to a fine paste. Add very little water while grinding. May be less than half cup for this measurement. Add a pinch of salt ,food colour, rice flour and mix it using a spoon. keep it sepeartely.

In the meantime, u may prepare the syrup. Add the sugar, a pinch of salt,food colour  in a wide bottomed pan and add just enough water to immerse the sugar. keep the flame in medium and dissolve the sugar. Boil the syrup for 3  minutes  . Add the lime juice now to prevent the syrup from getting crystallised. Once u boil the syrup , u may switch off  or keep it in the low flame ( very very low..) Pour in  the rose essence and mix well.

Now take a ziploc cover and open the mouth widely. Put a hole in the center as shown in the picture using a nail or anything u can get a hole out of..  Fill the zip loc cover wit half the amount of urad dal batter and squeeze it toward the end.  don zip it.. Try to make the jangri design. First u've to make two circles and then form small overlapping cirlces like a chain and keep on doing the same until u reach the starting point. U may go a head and perform one more layer ( just a cycle of small circles..) if u want a thick Jangri..
I forgot to take step by step pics, But the final thing would be somehow like this...( I've  made a single layer..) Just keep practicing, on ur 5th or 10 th attempt u'll get it right...   ;)

Take a wide bottomed pan and pour the oil  for an inch level.. Thatz more than enuf.  Now heat the oil in the medium low for 4 minutes. Now the oil would start getting heated up. This is the right stage to lay the design. Now start making the jangri in the oil ( do not crowd them ). U may turn the heat to medium once u finish with the design and fry the jangri's until cooked and turns crisp.. Make sure , u should bring down the temperature of the oil very low for the further set..

Put /Dunk the Jangri in the hot syrup ( If the sryup is not hot , u may heat it again for a minute..) and leave it for 2 minutes .. Make sure, u soak it completely .. Transfer the jangri and place it on a seperate plate for few minutes and then transfer to a Container u r gonna store.. I would prefer to keep it overnite for better taste and absorption of syrup.. ..I know, who would wanna wait after all this hard work ...?!!! I also had it right away !!!

Sending this to MLLA event hosting by Sandhya ,started by Susan

Happy eating guys !!!


  1. lovely jangris and extraordinary effort.got perfect shape.

  2. This is my fav sweet ever too Shanavi, but i dont think i will ever be able to make this myself. Looks awesome and a great job girl...

  3. My fav dessert loved it a lot. Color and shape is perfect.

  4. wow thats perfect gangiris luks very tempting,pass me some:)

  5. Jangiri looks delicious. you done awesome job. Perfect.

  6. ohhh...droooooling here...perfect n tempting..

  7. Wow you have done this such a perfection that i'. finding it hard to take off my eyes from the screen !!

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Good job Sho..Prefect jangiri with tempting color

  9. Whoo..That is one of the best looking jangris I have seen..beautiful shape, color n texture..you nailed it completely!!

    US Masala

  10. It looks perfect... Kudos to u for making these that too when u have your kid to look after... Lovely, lovely, lovely.... Great going... Kalakkureenga..

  11. Me too tried from vahchef's only,yours look great too,I am a great fan of jangiri,mouthwatering now!

  12. Wow, they came out ur prefect and amazing..Awesome!

  13. Jangris has come out soo well.
    Great step by step clicks:-)

  14. Shanavi, I totally understand you cooking this at night at 9.30Pm.. but girl you effort is truly appreciated. It has come out so wonderfully. Your baby should be so proud.. despite his masti, you have achieved perfection.

  15. This is perfection,delicious and tempting jangri.

  16. Jhangris look perfect. Great job being that this is your first attempt.

  17. Perfect looking jangri.....u made it so beautifully!!Delicious!!

  18. Nice homemade jangri,luv the color...i am drooling here..

  19. what to do with rice flour!!! super tempting.... i have bookmarked dis long ago.....and visit the post often for the lovely jalebis ...finally have to try dis...




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