Hyderabadi Prawn Biryani / Prawn Dum Biriyani

I love seafood esp prawn,when my friend told she made dum prawn briyani and it turned out awesome I's was in urge to cook instantly. Of course,no wonder, I did and relished this awesome home style briyani the very next day itself. But it took more than 2 months to post this recipe ,c, how lazy am !!! Well, it's sure a treat for all seafood lovers out there and njoy guys ....

Ingredients :

For Marination:

Prawn /Shrimp --  1 lb

Ginger Garlic  Paste --  1 tsp
Red chilli powdr -- 1 tsp
Lemon Juice -- 1  tsp

For Cooking Rice:

Basmati rice --        2 1/2 cup
Oil  --  1 tsp
Salt -- 1 tsp
Cloves -- 2nos.
Cardamom -- 2 nos.
Shah Jeera ( if not, cumin seeds) -- 1 tsp
Cinnamon -- 1 in piece
Bay leaves -- 1 no.
For Masala :

Cinnamon -- 1 inch piece

Cardamom -- 2 nos.
Cloves -- 2 nos.
Bay leaves -- 1 no.
Ghee -- 1 tbsp
Oil -- 2 tbsp                          
Onion -- 2 nos.                         
Tomato  -- 2 1/2 nos. 
Lemon juice -- 1 tsp                   
Green chillies -- 2 nos.   
Red chilli powder -- 1/2 tsp (optional)     
GG paste  -- 1 tsp             
Mint  Leaves -- a handful                           
Cilantro   -- a handful                 
Orange color /Saffron colour  -- 1/2 tsp (optional)      

Method :

Marination :

 Marinate the shrimp with the given items for minimum half an hour or  do it overnite. This ensures shimp to be juicy when it's cooked.

Preparing the Masala :

Take a kadai  and add both ghee and oil together. Add the cinnamon,cloves,cardamom once the ghee melts and fry for few minutes. Drop in the mint and cilantro leaves as well and fry for 5 sec. Add the sliced onions and cook well. at this point add  the salt to make the onions leaves moisture and cook fast. Followed by ginger garlic paste and saute well. Dump in the tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes r totally disintegrated. U may now add the turmeric powder,red chilli powder and the marinated shrimp mixture into this and saute well for 2 minutes so that it blends with the masala. Finally add the lemon juice and stir together with the masala. Keep this masala aside.

Rice :

 Soak the rice for 10 minutes. By the time take a big pot /bowl and fill it with 3/4 of water and add oil and all the garam masala. Give it a boil. Add the rice slowly and cook for exactly 5 minutes ( 3/4th cooked ). U may take out the masala's now and drain the water .

Layering the rice :

Take the briyani pot and add half the shrimp masala and then add the half quantity of hot steaming rice straight after draining . Top the rice with another layer of the remaining shrimp mixture and then followed by remaining hot rice. U may add some mint /coriander leaves in b/w the layers if u wish. Dilute the saffron colour with little warm milk /water and drizzle on the top of the rice. Cover the vessel with a cotton cloth (preferably  very thick ) and seal it. Close the lid very tightly . Heat a dosa pan and place the briyani pot on top and cook for 15 minutes. Make sure no steam escapes while cooking.. Remove the lid and by using the fork mix the rice gently without breaking it and have it..

Ur delicious Shrimp / Prawn dum briyani is ready to serve.

Update: I didn't add curd as the lemon juice adds more flavour and tangy taste to the dish. Also tomato is there, this amount of lemon juice is sufficient enough.




  1. delicious prawn biriyani and lovely pics dear...

  2. Wow...Biryani looks awesome!!!

  3. Look at the rice.. all separated and perfect.. it looks soo delicious..


  4. Omg, am inviting myself to ur place Shanavi,sooo tempting and prefect looking briyani..

  5. This is a perfectly cooked dum biriyani Shanavi, i love the texture and color of the rice. Great job!!

  6. This biryani looks perfect, love dum method.

  7. Delicious & Perfect. Very inviting toooo

  8. Looks awesome,perfectly cooked biryani,makes me hungry.

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    US Masala

  13. Prawn Shrimp Biryani simply looks exotic and mouth watering. yum.

  14. Thanks for the recipe.
    What heat level should the tawa for cooking the biriyani for 15 minutes?

  15. Thanks for the recipe.
    What heat level should the tawa be for cooking the biriyani for 15 minutes?
    Look forward to your reply.

  16. Hi Balamani Thirumurthi, It's better to heat a dosa pan in medium flame until it's very hot and keep the biriyani pot( with biryani) on top of the dosa pan and bring down the flame to medium to medium low. Cook for 12 to 15 minutes. Hope I've cleared ur doubt and thanks for dropping by.

  17. I addicted to seafood,Its amazing prawn biriyani
    thanks for visit my blog

  18. Briyani has come out so well.. Looks very delicious...




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