Award time again !!!

February 04/ 2011 :

Am pleased to say that I've received 3 awards from my fellow bloggers and am so happy to receive this from u gals...Thanx a ton for remembering me..

1. I got the same award from two beautiful people. This award is passed to me by Rachu   and  Savitha

Thank U gals ...

2. Stylish award and a set of 7 questions by Ramya

      Thanx a lot gal ..
Here's what u should do :

1. Thank and Link Back to the Blogger Who Awarded You With The Award
2. Share 7 Things About Yourself
3. Award 15 Recently Discovered Great Blogger
4. Contact The Bloggers and Inform Them of The Award
Here comes the seven things abt me ...

1. I always like to be feel young (am young only -- no kidding !!!) no matter even after 20 or 30 years..

2. I'm much conscious when it comes to gaining weight. I try to keep myself fit and thatz the first thing my mom told after my marriage and my delivery ..

3. I love chocolates and very much crazy abt it.

4. Whenever i feel sick n tired, I just hop into my  kitchen and will start making something to take off the pressure and that regains my strength back & feel alright.

5. Am a big fan of Indian foods ,infact , I hardly eat american foods..

6. Love to learn new things ..esp in cooking.

7. I would love to have a nice and alone time watching tv /surfing / sleeping rather than travelling to find adventures..
Am passing the stylish award and a set of 7 questions to keep the ball rolling by passing this to my fellow bloggers ..

1. Divya

2. Sheena

3. Anshu


5. Rachu

6. Savitha

7. Saras

8. Reva

9. Veena krishnakumar

10. Harika

11. Vandana Rajesh

12. Reshmi Mahesh

13. G.Pavani

14. Deepa

15. Krithi's Kitchen

Gals, I must say , the one  who takes sincere effort deserves an appreciation and so, all my friends ,my fellow bloggers truly deserves this award.. Keep rocking gals !!!


  1. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it to me. Great to know about you:-)

  2. hey shanavi, congrats on the twin awards and nice knowing abt u ! the blog's got a good makeover !

  3. Hey dear congrats on your awards... And thank you so much for sharing these with me. Good to know more about you. I too agree with your 1 and 2 point. In fact I kept an eye on my calorie intake after delivery :-)
    Will post this soon

  4. good to know more abt u:-)Congrats on the well deserved awards:-)

  5. first of all congrats dear on ur awards..and thank you so much for passing it to me..

  6. hey shanu congrats and it was sooooooo nive to know abt u....take care dear

  7. Congrats dear on ur award...thank u so much sharing it to me...

  8. Congrats for beautiful award good to know abt you..i love to follow you dear..

    unga space romba nalla eruku ma

    join me here

  9. Congratulations on your awards! Good to know about you!




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