Almond Burfi / Badham Burfi

As i've mentioned earlier, I love almonds and it is the 'good' nuts where u don have to worry for cholestrol, putting weight etc.. When mahanandi posted this recipe, I knew i had to make but waiting for my health to get improved. the process is all same and I hope u'll njoy as well..

Source : Mahanandi

Ingredients :

Almonds /Badham --  2 cups
Sugar -- 2 1/2 cups   (may increase r decrease if u wish )
Cardamom --crushed -- 1 no.

Method :

Preparing the almond meal :

Add the almonds completely immersed in water and  boil it. Once u've a nice boil switch the fire off. Remove from the stove and leave it for 5 minutes. ( otherwise u may soak ur badham in cold water overnite to peel the skin, as i din't have time ,went for this method). Drain the water and peel the skin. Now pat dry the almonds for 10 minutes else u may wipe the almonds with kitchen tissue and save the time. Ad the almonds in food processor / mixie and finely grind it. Ensure that u don't have anything chunk nuts left behind. Place the almond meal on a plate and keep aside. U'll get 3 cups of almond meal if u measure it now.

Preparing the syrup :

Next step is to get the correct consistency of the syrup. Add the 3 cup of sugar and just enuf water to completely immerse the sugar. Boil the sugar until it is dissolved completely and then turn the flame to medium . Now keep an eye on the syrup as we requires soft ball consistency and u can expect this stage anytime after u get the one string consitency. Drop the sugar syrup in a bowl of water and if it isn't dissolved and it is flexible n if its retain its shape ,then u got the soft ball consistency.

Grease ur mould with clarified butter /ghee everywhere and make it ready.

Adding the almond meal :

Now add the meal when u get the soft ball consistency and combine well so that u don't have any lumps settled on one side. Keep on stirring until the mixture starts leaving the sides. For me , it took not more than 5 minutes.. U may add ghee ,say a tbsp,while stirring. Finally add the crushed cardamom and combine well. Pour the mixture in ur mould and pat it evenly and square them.

Leave the settings for half an hour and then ur burfi's r ready to Njoy !!!

Note :

Actual recipe called for  1 : 1 (almonds to sugar ). But I've added bit extra to suit our family..
When i had this ,it was like any other burfi ,not almond burfi, it's bcos of adding that extra sugar. Thatz y , to make any badham sweets ,the sugar has to be equal or bit less. Then  only we can feel the taste of almonds ....

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  1. Love the heart shaped pan:) and the burfi looks really delicious!

  2. Soooooo tempting burfi,irresistible!

  3. This looks so lovely and tasty... beautifully done...

  4. What delicious little treats! I bet they just melt in your mouth..a keeper recipe!
    Thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event :)

    US Masala

  5. Shanavi, I am sharing the first award i received with you too. Please accept this as a token of appreciation for all your efforts and for inspiring me.

  6. Cholestrol free and yummy... love the way u described the sugar syrup.. its very important...

  7. Thank you so much dear for visting my blog n following n for ur valuable comments..

    burfi looks delicious..

  8. Love Almonds...i like ur version of almond burfi!!Delicious and yummy burfi!!

  9. looks soo yumm ...i would like to grab one:-)
    I am soo happy to pass two awards to you.. Do drop by my space to collect the awards.

  10. Perfectly done,tasty and tempting burfi.

  11. Shanavi, it tasted heavenly & very soft..

  12. Burfis look excellent. Would definitely try out your method. Glad to be following you.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  13. if i were your next neighbor, without a doubt i would have wanted a sample!!! Beautiful entry..




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