Puttu with jaggery

Am a biggest fan of puttu and this type of puttu is generally made during Navrathri times..i.e. during Golu season. My neighbours would invite us to join and have a look at their golu's every year.. And I would have this awesome puttu also.. mouthwatering even now..  Actually I din't know how to make this jaggery puttu ..So called up my mom , got the details and noted down as snippets. Immeditaely made this on the same day and I thoroughly enjoyed having this delicious puttu... (Since I don't have puttu flour ,i tried making with the rice flour .. Well, if u want, u can make the puttu flour in ur home if u don mind spending some time..I agree, am lazy.. :)  )

Ingredients :

Rice flour /Puttu flour -- 1 1/2 cups

Jaggery --powdered -- 1 cup and a tbsp

Cardamom powder -- a pinch

Edible camphor -- a teeny weeny pinch

Salt -- a pinch

Warm water -- 1/2 cup

Turmeric powder --a  pinch

Shredded coconut -- 1/2 cup
Cashews --- or any nuts /raisins -- to garnish

Method :

Slightlt toast the rice flour in heat until it becomes light hot. Now mix the turmeric powder ,salt in warm water and sprinkle little by little and mix with the rice flour. Mix the water until u get a consistency in which u should be able to make a ball but at the same time it should break /crumble back into the powdered form. Now take a moist /damp cloth and transfer the puttu mixture in the centre and tie the ends together in such a way to make some sort of pouch like..Now steam this mixture for 2o minutes exactly in a idli cooker /idli vessel. Untie the knots and cool the cooked puttu flour mixture for few minutes. Break the lumps if there is any... Now take a wide bottomed kadai and add the jaggery. Add water just enough to cover the jaggery and let it dissolve completely.. Filter the syrup for any impurities. Now pour the syrup back to the pan ans cook it. Keep cooking the syrup mixture until u reach a soft ball consitency ...( i.e .. U should be able to make a ball when u pour the syrup in cold water )Remove it from the falme and immediately add the shredded coconut, pachchakarpooram,cardamom powder and mix it evenly.. Start mixing the cooked flour with the syrup and combine well. Finally add the nuts and serve..

Happy eating guys !!!


  1. my stomach burning........hmmm i want to have it fully machi........

  2. delicious puttu. my grandma used to make it

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    US Masala

  7. yummy sweet... mouthwatering..

  8. Delicious jaggery puttu!... bookmarking

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  10. my fav...love your version..wanna try soon..
    Tasty appetite




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