Inji Kashayam --- a home remedy for stubborn cold and cough :)

Being sick is much worse and it's far worse when u & ur little one's both get sick @ the same time. Indeed and  thatz what happened in my case. Well, my baby first had diarrhea, then followed by cough ,cold..Fever.. and then I caught it somehow .My last 15 days were so hectic,so tired,so weak ,I almost got fainted.. All i had was kashayam and rasam rice and it's going on still ,as we hv not recovered completely..   This post is for those who specially needs something to get rid of the bloody cold ASAP ,trust me, this kashayam really works ..It does make wonders !!! yeah, WONDERS ..I mean it..

Ingredients :

Ginger -- 1 inch piece
Peppercorns -- 3/4th spoon
Coriander seeds -- 3/4th spoon
Palm sugar --acc to taste ( Jaggery can also be used instead)
Water -- 500 ml

Method :
Start by crushing the whole peppercorns ,coriander seeds and ginger and mix it with the water. Add the jaggery / palm sugar along with the other and let boiling till it reduces to half.. i.e. 250 ml. So then the syup will be concentrated and u get every last bit of essence from the ingre added.

Happy Healing ...


  1. right now i have bad cough ... i am going to try this ... thanks for sharing

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  2. good to see u after a long break di...get well soon

  3. Take care,natural remedy for colds.

  4. am having a sore throat too--this will be perfect cure !

  5. Useful recipe & Happy to see you back..

  6. Good one for the weather - My aunt just sent me abunch of kashayam ingredients - Have yet to venture - your blog is inspiring me to open the pack and examine the contents :)




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