Vada Curry

All these days I din't know my H likes vada curry .. U may be wondering what ? It was not that I din't know him " completely " but the fact he hates legumes had made me come up to a conclusion.. I took a risk and made this last week.. U know what ,my H likes and dislikes are swapping their places I guess..HE really loved vada curry..So glad that I could finally add this item to our menu.. This one is a traditional recipe from my kitchen guys..I know u guys are all experts making this dish..But still wanted to post it for beginners..

Ingredients :

For making Vada :

Channa dal -- 1 cup
Fennel seeds -- 1/4 tsp
Garlic --crushed -- 1 no.
Dry red chilly -- 1 no.
Green chilly -- 1 no.
Salt -- to taste
Ginger -- Crushed -- a very small piece

For making Gravy :

Onion -- finely chopped -- 1 no.
Tomato --chopped -- 2 nos.
Green chilly --slit open -- 1 no.
Red chilli powder --less than 1/4 tsp (acc to taste )
Turmeric powder -- a pinch
Coconut milk -- 1 cup (optional)
Salt -- to taste
Coriander leaves -- handful

For tempering :

Oil -- 1 1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tsp
Urad dal --1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -- a sprig

Method :

Soak the dal for min 2 hrs and grind to coarse mix along with other ingredients to make Vada .. Keep it aside.

We can make  vada curry in two ways ...

First Method :

U can make a small patties of that vada mix and deep fry it in oil ..Thatz what called masala vadai..
Leave itr for few minutes and then crumble vadas into small chunks and bits.. This is one method..

Second Method :

For those who r very consicious reg oil intake may opt for this one..
Here what we gonna do is  STEAM .. Make small patties or grease the idli plates with wee little bit of oil and cover it with vada mix in each dip. Steam this vada mix for 10 minutes and cool it. Crumble to bits and pieces..  (as u do for  making Usili )

Here I've adopted the second method .

Then take a sauce pan and add the oil. Do the tempering by adding mustard seeds when oil is hot. Add   urad dal and curry leaves as well and fry it ..U may add the onions and saute it for a while. Dump the tomatoes once the onion is perfectly done. Add little bit of salt ( keep in mind vada has already add salt only for the gravy ..) ,turmeric powder and the red chilli powder. Blend it well and cook until the tomatoes turn mushy.. This might take 2 to 3 minutes. Now add the crumbled vada mixture and scald well with the gravy mixture..Check for the taste. Add the required ingredient if the gravy demands anything. U may add coconut milk or water may be a cup and combine well. Cook this mixture until everything comes together. finally add the coriander leaves and mix it well.. Yummylicious for Idli...

Sending this entry to MLLA # 30 hosted by Priya and started by Susan
Note :
 U may add a pinch of Hing as well cos of the channa dal..
I've added cumin seeds for seasoning..Sorry can't skip it..


  1. Have been wanting to try since long ur version is very tempting

  2. fantastic vada curry dear... love it...

  3. lovely vada curry dear... love it...

  4. My all time fav n looks yummy...Happy New Year 2011!!
    Pongal Feast Event


  5. Vada curry looks delicious. Nice recipe.

  6. wonderful and my fav for idlies.....

  7. This is very new to me and looks very delicious, a must try recipe..Thanks for sharing dear :)

    US Masala

  8. I too have this in my to try list for long,your version is absolutely yummy! Nice recipe!

  9. A very Happy new year to you n ur family , loved going thru ur wonderful blog !!!

    - Smita
    (fun foods for little eaters

  10. Wishing u a happy and prosperous new year to u and ur family..Mouthwatering vada curry,love it with dosas.

  11. Hi shanavi-- this was on my list of to-do 's in the first week of the new year !! Am drooling--My all time fav , it looks wow ! Have a great year and sending loads of cheers n best wishes !!

  12. To all my friends :

    Hai gals,
    May this year brings everything u've ever hope for..And my best wishes..

  13. Interesting recipe..
    My Heartiest Wishes for 2011..:)
    Tasty appetite

  14. Happy New Year!!!!...
    looks so delicious..




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