Paal Kozhikattai with a twist and an award ...

I've always liked this dessert but my mom had to make some alterations cos of my aversion to milk. And moreover, I don like adding coconut milk also. But my mom tried this version and it really become a hit.This is how we make paal kozhukattai ever since then. Making this kozhukattai with freshly grinded rice adds extra flavour ...So here goes..

Ingredients :

Raw rice -- 1 cup
Jaggery -- 1 1/2 cup ( + r -- acc to taste )
Milk -- 1 cup (or ) water -- 1 cup (I used water )
Cardamom -- crushed -- 2 pinches
Coconut bits -- 1 tbsp

Method :
Soak the rice for 3 to 4 hours and grind it finely using very little bit water. Transfer this to a bowl and form tiny balls and place it on a tissue paper (so that it absorbs excess moisture if there is any ). I din't use milk cos of my aversion to milk, instead I used water mixed with little bit of ground rice mix. That makes it. For those who use milk, Boil the milk in a pan and let it simmer. Add the jaggery and mix it well. Drop the rice balls one by one . Add the coconut bits also. Cover it and cook in the low flame for 5 to 8 minutes. Mix the cardamom powder and combine well.. Once the rice balls cooked, switch off and serve warm..

Note :

I like adding  jaggery but if u wanna add sugar , U may add instead of jaggery in this recipe..
Trust me , this tastes awesome..
Tradionally everyone use coconut milk ,in that case, Boil the water (with some rice flour /ground rice mix) along with sugar and cook the rice balls until they are cooked. Switch off the flame and remove the pan from the stove and add the coconut milk after 3 minutes..Otherwise it will curdle..

This time I've received an award from Jay of Tasty Appetite ...Thank u dear..

Check out her blog for more recipes and mouthwatering dishes..


  1. Healthy & Easy. Looks delicious and delicious...

  2. delicious and healthy dessert...very innovative recipe...loved it...

  3. tats a lovely dessert... something new to try !!


    Sandhya's Kitchen

  4. machi its yummy and mouth watering...

  5. Drooling..creamy and delicious,love it.
    There is an award waiting for you dear..please collect:)

  6. Pal Kozhikattai looks delicious.

  7. hi machi u r tagged..chk my blog for details.....

  8. Looks mouthwatering and delicious.

  9. loved this since childhood... congrats on ur award dear...

  10. My favorite. My aunt used to make this for me whenever I visit her. Dusts back wonderful memories.
    I had tagged u in my blog, would like you to take the ball around rolling.

  11. very creative..amazed at this version.

  12. balls are reminding me of rasoogolla s it lookd delicious and healthy also

  13. hey this is really good shanavi dear !




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