My 100th Post and a treat !!!!

Finally, i reached this milestone where i'm thinking what to make, to turn this post special. This wasn't easy for me, reaching 100 th post besides all the bugging from my H :)..I don know how to put this but for the last week I's totally tooooo lazy otherwise this 100 th post should hv come much sooner.I've few recipes in my desktop waiting to get posted....At first I did think of making dry gulab jamun as my H totally against that idea I ended up making Gulab jamun ..Actually u can make gulab jamun using khoya /mawa, milk powder or simply gualb jamun powder mix. This time I had lots of milk powder left and so i made a best use of it, will post the one using khoya /mawa later...So, here it goes from my kitchen to the virtual world ...

This post has many photos !!!!

Ingredients :

Milk powder -- 1 1/2 cups
Sugar -- 2 cups
Sooji /Rawa -- 2 tsp
All purpose flour -- 1/3 cup
Rose water -- 1/2 tsp
Water -- 1 1/4 cup
Butter --1 tbsp -- at room temperature
Milk -- 1/3 cups -- at room temp
Cooking soda -- a pinch and a half
Oil -- to deep fry

                       I've already mixed the sooji with the flour ...

Method :

Soak the sooji/ rawa for a minute or so ..Mix the milk powder,all purpose flour /maida, coking soda in a bowl and mix it evenly. Now add the butter and mix it with the powder. The butter should coat everywhere.. Squeeze out all the water and add the sooji and mix it well. Now start adding milk little by little and make a fine dough.Don worry if it is little bit sticky. But do not add all the milk. Now rest the dough for 5 minutes. In the meantime, take a really wide vessel and start making syrup. Pour the water and sugar and mix it evenly. The granulated sugar must dissolve..So keep stirring until it dissolves. Make sure u keep the flame in medium. Cook the syrup for exactly 5 minutes and switch off.Add the rose water when the syrup is warm.. Now make small balls out of the dough, actually this measurement yields me, 26 jamuns and it all totally depends on the size of the ball , the smaller yields more jamuns...

Heat the oil keeping the flame in medium low.Make sure, the oil should not be hot . I'll let u know the technique. If u drop a small pinch of dough into the oil, it should take 5 to 6 seconds to rise up. If it gets rised immediately, then ur oil is too hot for  the jamuns and u need to slow the flame and wiat for the right stage to drop the jamun balls. Moreover, if u drop the balls when the oil is hot, ur jamuns might not get cooked properly which results in darker and uncooked jamuns. Less the heat, more perfect the jamuns would be..

Now drop the balls slowly in the oil (don crowd them ) and cook them in the oil for exactly 7 minutes.. If u din't cook for 7 minutes,I assure u that ur jamuns will not be perfect.. U may do the frying part in batches. Don't forget to turn the balls around in the oil for those 7 minutes so that it will be in golden brown in all sides.

Let's make one more thing clear.. The syrup should be warm to drop the jamuns in to get soaked..  the point is, either one of them should be warm , jamun or syrup..But practically, if the syrup is warm ,there are more chnaces of getting nice ,sugary jamuns..

Now drop the balls in the warm syrup and let it sit there for minium one hour and u may leave it overnite for better absorption of syrup..

If u break ur jamun after soaking, u should see en even mass of cooked jamun and there should not be any dry area or an uncooked part, and thatz how a perfect jamun should be !!!

I tried to take photos of all the stages but seriously forgot to take a snap on the frying part and the soaking part ....Sorry ..

Take a bite and N joy !!!

Finally I thank all my friends, fellow bloggers and everyone involved for having made this possible...

Note : Since I made this jamun at night there wasn't much lighting please bare with me..


  1. Looks delicious. congrats on your 100th post. Love Gulab jamun

  2. congrats on ur 100th post dear and ur jamuns looks very tempting

  3. Light doesn't matter...cos the jamuns are so hae come out want some now...wish i was der.

  4. Fabulous job Shanavi...I feel like grabbing them off the screen....

    Congrats dear....

  5. congrats on your 100th post...keep rocking...way to go...Gulab jamuns looks absolutely delicious and mouth watering...

  6. wow.. they look wonderful.. congrats for this milestone :)

  7. Kudos Shanvai, Jamuns looks delicious. Love to grab some..........

  8. Congrats on ur 100th post, juicy jamuns looks utterly delicious..

  9. Congrats dear..that looks fabulous..feel like grabbing perfect.


  11. Jamuns look mouthwatering and yummy,Congrats on the 100th post...

  12. Congrats on the 100th post! Definitely a great recipe to celebrate!

  13. Oh my, perfect n tempting gulab jamuns. Appropriate for the occasion too. Congrats dear on the milestone! Keep rocking!!

    US Masala

  14. Thnx for the virtual treat. Yummy. jamuns are real soft.

  15. congrats dear.Gulab jamuns looks mouthwatering:)

  16. congrats dear- they r a visual treat and perfect !

  17. congrats for ur 100th post, sooooooo tempting jamuns.keep rocking!

  18. Congrats on ur 100th post and wishing u many more to come :)

    The jamuns look spongy and a perfect treat to celebrate with :)

  19. Congrats on your 100th post.Lovey blog you have.I am following you.

  20. This looks amazingly soft n tempting..nice presentation..
    Tasty Appetite

  21. First time here...luv ur space and the jamuns

  22. Congrats on your 100th post.Lovey pretty blog with yum recipes.




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