Methi Pulao /Pulav

Now a days I've become very conscious of taking greens in our diet . Moreover I'm so glad to find that H only likes Methi leaves..So am making use of the chance in some way .. Actually Methi leaves are so good for health esp for those who eats lotsa sweets (We do !!! ) Oh yeah,, U guessed it rt..To balance, with no further delay am gonna give u my recipe, This time I've come up with  Pulao , Hope everyone likes it...

Ingredients :

Methi leaves -- 1 cup
Tomato puree -- from 2 large tomatoes
Green chilly -- 2 nos.
Onion --chopped vertically -- 1/2 cup
Tripe C's (cardamom,cloves,cinnamon ) -- each 2nos.
Basmati rice -- 2 cups
Red chilli powder -- 1/2 tsp (optional )
Mint leaves -- 2 tbsp
water -- 3 cups
Salt -- to taste
GG paste -- 1 tsp (ginger garlic )
Curd -- 2 tbsp
Oil -- 2 tbsp

Method :
Heat a kadai and pour the oil. Add the triple C's and fry them in hot oil. Then drop the chopped onions and saute well for a minute or so till it's translucent. Add the GG paste and fry until it just starts sticking on to the bottom of  the pan. Now lower the flame and add the green chillies and scald well. Go ahead and add the tomato puree and combine well. Cover the pan and cook till the starts oozing out. This might take 4 to 5 minutes. Now add the red chilli powder (optional -- i din't add ),mint leaves,Methi leaves,salt and scald well in the masala. Finally add the curd and give it a good mix. Let this mixture stand in the heat for another 2 minutes.By the time the mixture will be all set to somehow thick not so runny with all those flavours...Saok the rice exactly 10 minutes and keep it ready. Add this masala mixture in the electric cooker and add the rice and 3 cups water... (if u want ur rice to be grainy, add 2 3/4 cups of water since there will be some moist left in the masala). Cook it till the cooker switches to warm mode.. For those who use cooker , u must add 3 cups of water and cook for exactly 2 whistles and switch off... Njoy the pulao with raita on any veggie's of ur choice...Taste heavenly awesome..

Happy eating Guys !!!!

Sending this to Only Greens hosted by Sara ,started by Foodelicious ..


  1. Shano...methi pulav looking awesome....

  2. all time fav rice, love it with some boondi raita..yum yum!!

    US Masala

  3. my fav...looks absolutely delicious.

  4. machi looks awsome and healthy tooo.loving it

  5. Irresistible pulav, looks soo tempting..

  6. Perfect tasty pulav, full of goodness.

  7. Hi, first time here and now following u.
    Methi and rice make an excellent combination. You can send this to 'Only'-greens and also enter a CSN giveaway, the details of which you can check out from my space.




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