Seven cup cake

Seven cup cake is not a very big deal to make once u know the prefect combination of ingredients. This recipe is given to me by my close friend Savi. I'm told it's her mom -in law's recipe. Can u imagine how perfect it would be? oh yeah, damn sure am. As the name implies, the total measurement is 7 cup and it's a easy one to remember. I've always heard about this cake but never had one and never made any.. This time i grabbed this opportunity to change the history.....hahaha

Ingredients :

Besan Flour --   1 cup
Ghee   --  1 cup
Shredded coconut   -- 1 cup
Sugar   --  3 cups
Cooking soda -- a dash
Water    -- 1 cup

Method :

Take a big bowl and mix everything together at once. Combine well and make sure there are no lumps. U may use a whisk like me to ensure that.

Transfer this to a kadai (deep bottomed) and start stirring keeping the flame in medium low. At one stage may be after 5 minutes ,the mixture would be all frothy and this is the apt stage to drop in the cooking soda and stir well. For everyone's reference i've taken a picture of this stage. U may wanna look at that for confirming it. Keep the mixture stirring on going  for may be 8 more minutes ,some may take a little longer than that. By the time keep a try or any mould greased with little bit of ghee. U 've to keep looking for an halwa consistency stage, i.e. the mixture should starts leaving the sides and u should c the bottom of the pan.

Once u reach this stage better u switch off the flame and start pouring the mixture into the greased pan. Just wait for 3 more minutes for the mixture to get settled down. Immediately take a knife and start making the shapes u want. I've made it as diamonds. U may want to rest the mould for half an hour and remove the cake and store it in an airtight container.

 Stays good for more than a week. For better results, u may store them in the fridge.

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  1. I love this so much, though we call it as 7 cup sweet..Looks perfect Shanavi!

  2. 7 cup sweets looks delicious and perfect Shanavi.

  3. Wonderful presentation di machi....
    It has done justice to my in-laws recipe..
    Thank u..

  4. looks so inviting---i am very partial to this sweet coz this is one of my mom's best preparations------good job!

  5. Have heard a lot about this one..never had or tried it..will give it a shot. Looks awesome!

    US Masala

  6. looks yummy n my sisters fav, i will try it soon, thanks for sharing.

  7. I too have heard about this but never tried.Your recipe sounds very easy.Bookmarked :)

  8. Bookmarked it dear. It is worth it. Thank you so much for linking it to our event.




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