Omelette with spinach /Spinach Omelette

One fine day me and my friend were surfing the internet while speaking over the phone. This spinach caught my friends attention and she swore that she would make it.. she did ofcourse and said it was a super duper hit.  In respond to that ,I gave a try. Seriously, i myself, not a great fan of spinach , couldn't believe the fact that am eating SPINACH was that tasty and no one could trace the taste of spinach until u tell them the real secret behind  this omelette...


Egg -- 2 nos.
Spinach -- a handful (finely chopped)
Red chilli powder -- 1/4 tsp
salt -- to taste
Onion -- very finely chopped --1/4
Milk -- 1 tbsp

Method :
Beat the eggs and milk finely until it gets fluffy. Add the onion, (U may saute the onion seperately if u don like the raw smell. ) salt,spinach and red chiili powder. Scald well. U may beat this mixture for one more time and then pour this mixture in a hot pan. Drizzle some oil over the sides ,cook for a minute or so each side and serve..


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