My First Award

I am very thankful to Priya Sreeram for passing the Award to me.. This is my very first award and I take this chance to thank /appreciate my friends ,my H ,my baby and all my lovely blogging people who encouraged me thro their comments and serioulsly guys that means a lot to me.. Thanks for all ur support..

Passing this award to Ramya of The menu card

                                  Jay of Tasty Appetite

                                  Pushpa of  Taste as you cook

                                 Kairali Sisters of  Pazham pappadam payasam

To my surprise, I've received an another award from Soumya of  Soumya's kitchen. Am so so happy and Thank U so much dear for remembering me and passing this award.

This award am gonna share with each and every one's blog I've been to.. Everybody deserves to have this award and encouragement that keeps us going...

Once again I thank all of my readers, my friends ,my family ..Without them this cannot be possible..


  1. Hearty congratulations machi..keep rocking

  2. Congrats Shanavi and thanks for the award I will post it in my awards section.

  3. Congrats on your awards Shanavi...Am sure there is lots more coming on your way too...

    Thanks for sharing with me...:))
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Hey hey Congrats on the very well deserved award dear...Thanks a bunch for remembering me too..Wish you many many more!!!!




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