Kaju Khatli

This special sweet is VJ's favourite. Last nite i 's thinking of making mullu murukku but he insisted me to do Kaju katli since we don't get good ones from the shops here. He said i make it better than the sweet shops over here . Did i say he gifted me something for making this last time ?? oh yeah, he did.. He ,to my surprise , had given me dollars like , as a token of appreciation for the kaju katli i made.. U know what this time also it turned out great... Am sure, the readers of this recipe will also be a one after doing this...

Ingredients :

Kaju/ Cashews -- 2 cups (1 cup - 240 gms)

Sugar -- 1 cup (240 gms )

Ghee for greasing the plate .. that z it, this is all u  need for making it..

Method :
  • Grind the cashew powder finely. Always take the measurement as cashew powder to sugar ratio. (1 :1/2) 
  • Melt the sugar by adding just enough water to cover the sugar in a sauce pan and dissolve it completely. Note the time when it starts to boil. See, it takes exactly 6 to 8 minutes to get the syrup consistency. This time i just had the required level of consistency around 6 minutes. Be careful when u cross the 6 minutes. Every 30 seconds or so , keep checking the consistency.. 
  • This is what u've to do : 
        Take a small plate and a spoon.When the sugar dissolves and starts boiling , u'll feel sticky when u touch it.. am sure everybody knows this .
  • Next ,may  be after 3 minutes, check it by taking a drop of syrup and pour it on the plate and tilt slightly,u'll notice that sryup will be all runny,not staying in the place where u've put . wait for few minutes 
  •  Required stage : 
Exactly at 6 th minute ,when u take a little bit and pour in on a plate sligghtly tilk it , u'll see a simple dot not moving anywhere. This is exactly what we want ..n this is the perfect stage to go for it.. To give some sort of reference i've taken a pic at this stage.. Umay notice the sugar pearl  stubbornly sticking on the plate even after tilting. 
  • Keep the flame in medium low.Now dump the cashew slowly and stir it continuously .Remove the lumps when u find any. c, this is similar to making halwa.. So, what u've do is, keep stirring the mixture until the mixture turns all bubbly and letting the air out. At this stage, the mixture would start form as a whole ball without sticking on the sides,like exactly when u make halwa. 
  • Now transfer the mixture on a greased plate and let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes. After that start kneading the dough by applying some ghee on ur palms. Knead well for min 3 mts. Now, the dough would be soft . Make a big ball and start rolling it using the rolling pin to ur required of thickness, place this on a plate and immediately start cutting the shapes. 
  • Generally it would be in diamonds. U may refer the pics for the guidance.. Cover and rest it  for few minutes. Then it's good to go...yummy kaju katli is ready to eat !!!!!!!!


  1. nice recipe....you can try a different variety of chakli...maharashtrian style....on my blog!!




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