Coconut Burfi

Though the recipe sounds simple tastes great. U can find this sweet even in a small shop (potti kadai) back in India. The toughest task is to find the syrup consistency when it comes to sweet. Coconut burnif is no exception.I'll elaborate as much i can to make urs turn great..

Ingredients :

Coconut (finely shredded ) -- 1 cup
Rava /Sooji -- 1 tbsp
Sugar -- 1 1/2 cup (+ r -- acc to ur taste buds)
Ghee - for greasing ur plate

Cashews -- 1 tbsp
Ghee -- 1 tsp

Method :

 Finely shred the coconut. U may toast this coconut for a minute or so ,it's totally  ur choice. Roast the rava and cashews seperately in a tsp of ghee. Melt the sugar by adding half a cup of water and fully dissolve it. Cook the syrup for few minutes until it reaches soft ball consistency. That means, when u take and drop the sugar in the cold water,it will retain /hold it's shape without dissolving. if u collect it u may be able form a small sugar ball out of it and when u press it will lay flat. This is what soft ball consistency means. Add the Grated coconut,raosted rava,cashews and stir it continuously until all the water is gone and the whole mass leaving the sides like Halwa. When u reach this stage, u may immediately turn off the stove and start pouring the burfi to the greased plate.

Pat it evenly using a spatula. Now leave this for atleast half an hour to set and then cut into squares..

 For better consumption, store this in the fridge and stays good for several weeks.


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