Before marriage my family used to have idli's and dosa's for dinner for almost more than 20 years  with some changes in our menu in between..Can u imagine that ? I've always hated idli and dosa bcoz of the schedule we used to follow. During those times, we were so happy to eat chappathi's and poori's for a change. But now, i crave for good old soft idli's and nice crispy,buttery dosa which seems like a big deal living abroad.. Can u spot how the time has changed our world upside down ?!!

Ingredients :

Whole wheat flour -- 2 cup
Oil -- 1 tbsp
Salt -- a dash
Luke warm water -- enuf to make dough

Method :

In a big bowl, add the flour ,salt,oil and mix well. Add the warm water little by little and make a soft dough. Don't make a stiff dough. it's always better to have a soft dough for making soft and puffed chappathi's. Rest this dough for minimum 2o minutes. If u can, u may knead this dough by adding a tsp or so of oil  for 2 to 3 minutes. Divide the dough equallly into mediium sized balls and cover it with a damp cloth. take a ball one by one and roll it using a rolling pin. U may make it thinner r thicker as ur need.. Heat a tava and the chappathi . Wait till u c the top surface started to puff up. Immediately flip it the otherside and cook it. Now u may c the lower side,which is exposed to heat , also puff up. Do the same process for one more time and remove it from the tava.. Repeat the same thing for the remaining dough.

Chappathi's are ready to eat ..


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