Arachivittta Sambar

This is a type of sambar where we grind all the masala items freshly. My mom makes this kulambu often but on the day of pongal it taste the double with the combination of  kootu,poriyal,aviyal .. Hmm..seriously, am drooling fo even thinking about it...

Ingredients :

Veggie's of ur choice (i've added drumstick and Broad beans )
Tamarind -- small gooseberry size
Thuvar dal/Toor dal -- 1/3 cup
Oil -- as reqd
Onion (julienne ) -- 1/4
Coriander leaves -- 2 sprig
Tomato -- 1 no.
Garlic -- 2 clove
salt -- to taste

 For tempering :
Mustard seeds -- 1 tsp
Curry leaves -- 1 sprig
Hing -- less than 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds -- 1/4 tsp

For masala :

Dry Red chilly -- 3 to 4 no.
Coriander seeds -- 1 1/2 tbsp
Channa dal -- 3/4 tbsp
Dessicated coconut /Kopparai thengai -- 1 1 /2 tbsp
Turmeric powder -- 1/4 tsp

Fry all this except turmeric powder in a tsp of oil and grind into paste.

Method :
Soak the thuvar dal for 5 minutes. Soaking  allows faster cooking of the dal.Chop the tomatoes and the veggie's. Pressure cook the dal for 3 whistles along with tomatoes,veggie's and peeled garlic clove,u may add hing along with this. But do not add salt. Adding salt delays the cooking process of dal. Meanwhile, take out the tamarind juice . Mix the masala in the tamarind juice and keep it ready. Now take a wide vessel and bring this tamarind mixture to a boil. Add the boiled thuvar dal with other ingredients in the boiling kulambu and cook it for 5 minutes. Finally do the seasoning in a seperate pan as follows. Heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds. Then add the cumin seeds,curry leaves. Finally add the chopped onion and scald well. Pour this seasoned mixture right into the boiling kulambu. Combine well..U may add the coriander leaves now . Switch off n serve.


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