Thakkali thokku

I'm very much fond of brahmin recipes. Lucky for me, We have a friend in our group ,a good cook, asked her to give out some tradional brahmin recipes. She passed us this wonderful yummy recipe without any hesitant . Thanks Ramya...

Ingredients :
Tomatoes (medium ) -- 4 no.
Fenugreek powder (roasted and ground) -- less than half a tsp
Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -- few
Hing -- less than half a tsp
Salt -- ac to taste
Red chilli powder -- 1/3 tsp
Sesame oil -- 1 1/2 tbsp
Method :
First we have to blanch our tomatoes . The process is called blanching. It is nothing but boil ur tomatoes for 4 minutes and after that immediately dump in the tomatoes in cold water ,That will make the skin loose. Now peel the skin(throw it ) and keep the tomatoes aside.
In a mixie or a blender add these blanched tomatoes and give ita whip. If u wish to c chunk pieces in ur thokku ,stop grinding and check the tomatoes. If not, u can grind it fine. keep this aside.
Now take a pan and add the oil. when it's hot, hop in the mustard seeds. Once they splutters, add the curry leaves and the fenugreek powder. fry it,do not brown it. Now add the puree into this seasoning mixture

 Cover it and cook till they are halfway down the process. Now add the red chilli powder and salt and give it a stir.

Keep cooking till u c the oil oozes out. Switch off and store. This stays good for a week in refrigerator..

Note :
I like adding onions in my thokku. But the original recipe doesn't include onions.


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