My mom makes this sweet for every deewali. She used to stay awake the the nite before deewali & she would make suyyan, medhu vada ,Bajji ... Since the other day ,I mean on Deewali she would be very busy handling us.. hahaha.. still she follows the same routine... Am gonna miss all the fun , fire crackers (though I'm not interested !!), Deewali sweets, live tv programs , neighbours sample sweets . And seriously i do miss everything for the last two 2 years.. so, to comfort myself I've made suzhiyam very early....

Ingredients :
For stuffing :
Channa dal -- 1 cup
Jaggery (powdered ) -- 1 cup
Cardamom powder --  a pinch
Coconut -- shredded, 1/2 cup

Outer cover :
Method 1:
All purpose flour /Maida --  1 cup
Baking soda -- a pinch
Salt -- acc to taste
Rice flour -- 1 tbsp
water -- enuf to make a thick paste

Method 2 :  
Urad dhal -- 1 cup
Salt-- to taste

Oil -- to deep fry

Method :
Dry roast the channa dal for few minutes just enough when touching ,u would feel hot. Dry roast the coconut  for 2 to 3 minutes on medium low flame until all the moisture is absorbed and keep it aside.Soak the channa dal for couple of hours .Then stove boil it for 10 to15 minutes (max) by the time it would be done.Grind / pulse the dhal for a couple of times but u should see pulses here n there.  In a pot add the jaggery and little bit of water and stir until it dissolves. Filter the syrup to remove the impurities. Transfer the syrup back to the pot and boil until it thickens.Add the  pulsed dhal,coconut (toasted),cardamom powder to the boiling syrup and start stirring.Stop the process when the poornam becomes thick.

Method1 : 
For outer cover :
Transfer this to a bowl and start preparing the outer dough. In a bowl add the maida ,salt,baking powder and mix well. Add water little by little and form a batter just like u make for idli . The batter consistency should be in between idli and dosa.. Now form small balls from the stuffing we've made and keep it ready. Dip the ball in the maida batter and fry when the oil is hot. Cook all the sides and drain out the excess oil & place  on a tissue paper. Serve Warm.

 Method 2 : 
For outer cover :
 Soak the urad dhal for 2 hours an grind finely using very little water as u would grind for making Vada for 40 minutes. Remove the batter and add the salt .Combine well. Add very water to convery the dough to idli batter consistency. Dip the balls /poornam in the batter and fry in the hot oil over medium flame. Turn and cook all the sides, may be for a minute. Drain n serve warm
 Here I've used the second method.. 

Pics :Updated




  1. Wow...drooling here...even my amma makes it.

  2. oh my ghosh...this looks so damn delicious!!! this is an anytime treat!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. Shobana suma irugamatingala... ippadiyelam post pottu kalakuringa..suparo super!!




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