Sambar Powder

I've to thank my neighbour in my hometown who gave us this recipe. This is a typical iyer's recipe. I really liked the flavours and by request she gave me this wonderful ratio of homemade sambar powder... Thanks, Rishi patti..

Coriander Seeds / Dhania / Malli -- 125 gms
Dry Red Chillis --125 gms
Thuvar Dal / Toor Dal --12.5 gms
Bengal Gram -- 10 gms
Whole Peppercorns -- 5 gms
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam -- 5 gms
Fenugreek Seeds -- 2.5 gms
Turmeric stalk -- 5 gms
Method :
U can sun dry all these ingredients and grind into a fine powder. For those who doesn't have the privilege to opt this, can dry roast one by one,leave for few minutes then grind to a fine powder. Keep this in air tight container. This lasts good for a month.


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