Rava Dosa

I think rava dosai is one of all time favourite. Even now when i go out to eat  i'm sure i'll order idli and rava dosa. U can't get enough of these two. I swear i can't resist eating this. This recipe is from vahrehvah and as always it turned out so good.. Thanks Chef ...

 Ingredients :

Semolina/soojji/Rava -- 1 cup
Rice flour -- 1 cup
All purpose flour/maida-- 1/4 cup
chopped chillies -- 1 no.
Pepper --  10 to 15
Cumin seeds -- 1 tbsp
Hing -- 1/4 tsp
Salt -- as reqd
Buttermilk --  4 cups
Ginger-minced-- 1/2 tsp

Method :

Take a big pot and throw in all the ingredients one by one. Add the buttermilk (if u don't  have it,just add plain water) Mix it evenly without any lumps. The main thing(secret) in this recipe is how watery the batter is. It should be almost like  water. Now heat the grill to it's maximum temperature and sprinkle the batter on it.(like how we used to clean the surface b4 putting kolam). Make sure u spread every corner of the grid with the batter.

Leave it for few minutes and wait until dark brown on the edges.Check on the sides using spatula to see they are ready to take out. Do not flip the dosa. Fold it thrice and thatz it........ done

Rava dosa with tomato chutney


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