Puri /Poori

Ingredients :
Whole wheat flour -- 1 cup
Ghee -- 1 tsp
Salt - a dash
Luke warm water -- enough to make a soft dough
Oil -- to deep fry
Method :
Take a large mixing bowl and add the flour and the ghee. Amke sure u mix the ghee very well without adding water. Add the salt and combine well. Now pour the water little by little and amke a soft dough. Let this sit for half an hour. After 30 minutes ,take the dough out and knead for five minutes . Divide them equally into small balls. Take a rolling pin and start making medium sized disc. Do not make it thin. The disc has to be even in all sides.  Slowly dip this in the hot oil and give some pressure on the surface of the poori using a flat spatula. Oil has to be hot enough for the poori to be puffed up. Now flip the puri and fry. once it's done ,take out and drain the excess oil by placing it in a kitchen paper towel... Poori is ready to eat.....Njoy
[P.S. I cudn't take the pic immediately as my little one started bugging me...sorry for the pic, will update a good one next time]


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