Plain paratha

Paratha is a traditional North Indian flatbread made of wheat flour and it is layered. This has several layers and smeared with ghee/oil.This is what makes it different from chappati. It can be stuffed with aloo,paneer, veggie's .. Parathas can be triangular,spiral ,round . This is my family's favourite. This post covers how to make plain paratha..

Ingredients :
Whole wheat flour -- 3 cups
Oil/Ghee -- 2 tbsp
Salt -- 1/4 tsp ( i like it less for paratha and chapati )
Warm water -- just enough to make a firm dough
Method :
Making the dough :
Take a large mixing bowl add the wheat flour,ghee and mix it well. Ghee should mix in the flour. Add the salt now and combine. Slowly add the water and make a firm dough.In general,the dough has to be soft for making softer parathas but its bit difficult while rolling.If u can take care of it, go ahead and make a soft dough. Cover it with a damp cloth and rest it for atleast an hour.
Rolling out the paratha :
Divide the dough into equal balls (of ur desired size) and cover it with the same damp cloth. Take one by one and roll out.
For round :
Roll the ball into a small disc with half an inch thickness.
For Triangular :
Follow these steps..

In between each step apply oil on the side marked in pink colour (apply liberally and fold)
Roll out fine and fry on a pan or a dosa pan for a minute each side. Before taking it ,spread a little bit of ghee and plate it.

Serve it with kurma,raita, thokku...  Njoy !!!!




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