Paneer pulao

Ingredients :
Paneer -- 150 gm
Basmati rice -- 1 cup
Tomato(large) puree -- 1 no.
Cinnamon -- 1 no.
Cloves -- 2 no.
Cardamom -- 2 no.
Onion(thinly sliced) -- 1/2 onion
Ginger garlic paste -- 1 spoon
garlic (chopped) -- 4 no.
curd -- 2 tbsp
Mint leaves -- half a bunch
Salt -- acc to taste
Oil -- 4 tbsp
Water -- 1.5 cup
Method :
Soak the rice for 15 mts and fry the rice( don't overdo --may u can fry for 2 minutes) in a tbsp of oil .Keep stirring otherwise it will stick on to the bottom. Cut the panner into small cubes. In the same pan fry the paneer for 4 minutes. Do not wait for the paneer to turn golden brown as it makes paneer chewy. If u do so, soak the fried paneer in hot water . Heat the ghee/oil in a pan and fry the masala (triple c's--Cinnamon ,Cloves,Cardamom ).Once done add the onion,garlic and fry until golden brown. Dump in the ginger garlic paste, again fry till the raw smell disappears. Now pour the tomato puree, mint leaves and stir once so that it combines. Close the lid and cook for few minutes,say 5 mts, till u c the oil floating on top. Throw in the yogurt and fried rice ,paneer and mix it. U may either cook this mixture in the pressure cooker or electric cooker. If u pressure cook ,keep it for 2 whistles and switch off immediately. And it's a super hit .........Isn't that amazing ??

Happy eating !!!!


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