Milk Kova /Therattu Pal

This is a classic indian delicacy.. I'm a big fan of Pal kova ,my dad used to get 2 seperate boxes, one for me and one for my brother. I cannot share this with anyone. We would always end up in fight saying  someone got a bigger portion than the other. So ,my dad tried this trick and it worked !!!!!!!!!!
Whole Milk -- 1/2 a litre
Ghee -- 1 spoon
sugar -- 3 to 4 tbsp ( acc to ur taste)
We need khoya to make this. U can check my previous entry how to make that.

During the final stage of  khoya add the ghee and the 3 tbsp of sugar and keep stirring until it leaves the sides.

Transfer to a bowl and cool...
Paal kova is done..

Njoy !!!!


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