Medhu Vadai

Ingredients :
Urad dal -- 1 cup
Rice -- 1 tsp
Peppercorn -- 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds -- 1/2 tsp
Green chilly -- 1 no.
Garlic -- 2 clove
Ginger -- a small piece
Salt -- acc to taste
Water -- very little.
Oil -- to deep fry
Method :
Soak the rice and urad dal for 3 to 4 hrs. Grind the ingredients altogether adding very very little water. Transfer the contents to a bowl. Place  a bowl with water and take a ziploc bag. Keep everything ready. At the same time keep the flame in medium and start heating the oil. Vada should be prepared in medium hot oil. Do not increase the flame at any cost.Wipe the ziploc bag with water. Take half a handful of dough and place it on the ziploc cover. Now dampen ur hands with water and gently pat the dough and make a hole in the center, like a donut.

Carefully drop the dough and deep fry it in the oil til it's golden brown.

In hotels, esp in buffet, medhu vada is served as apetizer. Best condiments to medhu vada is chutney and sambar.


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