<strong> Indha vaaram MILK Vaaram...</strong> haha..
Easiest recipe but very time consuming, this is the base ingredient for most of the Indian sweets and even curries. Basically khoya is unsweetened. To quote the process in a simple way, milk is boiled and reduced to solidify...
Ingredients :
Whole Milk --1 litre
Take a thick bottomed pan and pour the milk .Give it a boil and simmer it. Keep the flame in medium low. Now start stirring every now and then so that it doesn't stick . It takes me nearly 2 hours to complete this process. At one stage the milk colour turns light pink ,that means u r halfway thro ..

 Keep stirring again. After 15 mts or so ,the milk will start to solidify a bit.

 keep stirring till the moisture is gone and switch off once done.

Cool it for few minutes and store in a container &amp; refrigerate.


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