karuvepillai Podi /Curry Leaves Powder

As a new mom am frightened to c shedding more hair than usual .But my mom and everyone says it's completely normal and it should be over by my baby's first birthday.I would say there's discernible loss whatsoever.. To avoid further shedding i've to go for some home remedies. First thing that popped in my mind is curry leaves and drumstick leaves. But i don't have the later one right now, so going to make some podi with curry leaves. But, i've almost forgot how to make  albeit simple. Immediately called up my mom today morning & she asusual helped me out.. Here goes the recipe.
Ingredients :
Curry leaves -- approx. 2 cups
Channa dal -- 3 tbsp
Urad dal -- 1 1/2 tbsp
Coriander seeds -- 1 tbsp (optional)
Hing -- 1/4 tsp
Tamarind -- a small gooseberry size
salt --acc to taste
Garlic -- 2 crushed clove (optional)
Cumin seeds --1 tsp
Dry red chillies -- 10 to 12 no.
Oil -- 2 tsp

Method :
My mom never mentioned garlic for this recipe since i love GARLIC , can't afford to miss it. Do not add too much corainder either.
Let's get into the process.
Take a wide pan and pour 2 tsp of oil ,heat it. First fry the dals,take care not to burn them, fry them till they turn golden brown. Next dump in ur coarainder and cumin, again fry it for few minutes and keep aside. Add the crushed garlic and saute well. Throw in the tamarind and fry all the sides. If u have a block of hing( i mean solid ), throw it now and fry. If u have powder like me, no need to fry then. Now fry the curry leaves ,it will make a pop up sound as they fry. Once done,keep it seperately. Finally add the red chillies and fry, these won't take more than a minute and half as the pan will be too hot. Keep it aside and cool everything  for 5 to 7 mts. In a blender or in a mixie, Grind the dal's first coarsely ,just grind for a single round . Then add the corainder and cumin, grind for a round again. Add the red chillies and give them a round. Now comes tamarind and garlic,hing,salt. Give it a good grind till u feel it's coarsely ground. Transfer this into an air tight container and use this within a month. Traditionally, u've to mix the powder with white rice and sesame oil /Ghee and eat........

Happy eating guys !!!!


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