OMG, i order this item every week when i go to besant nagar beach. Ther's one Adyar Anandha Bhavan branch in besant nagar. My hubbie always stopped there to get me batura/chole and Badam Milk.. AAB's Chole masala is great ,i don know how they make it cos it's brown in colour & taste also different from what we prepare..  These are also included in my to do list when i go home........
Ingredients :
All purpose flour /maida -- 2 cup
Baking powder -- less than half a tsp
sooji/rawa -- 1/4 cup
Sugar -- 1 tsp
Salt -- 1/2 tsp
Buttermilk -- 3/4th of a cup
Oil -- to deep fry
Method :
Take a wide bowl and throw in all the ingredients except buttermilk. Mix the flour and start adding the  buttermilk slowly. If u r able to make tight dough with that 3/4 th cup it's fine. If not, add water little by little( u may use a tablespoon )to get the real tightly packed dough. Leave the dough rest for couple of hours. Roll the dough and divide into equal small balls. Take one ball and roll evenly on all sides. It has to b even to get the puffed batura. So make sure u roll flat evenly..  Now comes frying. C, to make batura oil should be very hot . To achieve that keep the flame medium high and test fry a dash of dough . If it comes immediately floating on the top then u r doing correct. Drop in the  dough  and fry it.  Haha.. Restaurant style batura is ready.....


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